Innovation-Driven Health Care Cover

Obama, Doctors, And Health Reform Cover

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A Collection of Editorials from Minnesota Medicine
Here is some of his best work on current medical opinion from the 70's and 80's. Learn More …
And Who Shall Care for the Sick?
Learn More …
A Managed Care Memoir
Informed and responsible consumers and physicians, acting in concert, offer the best hope of developing a system for distributing limited healthcare resources. Learn More …
The Seven (C’s) of Physician-Hospital Relationships
This book gives you valuable insights on how to better partner with physicians. Learn More …
Voices of Health Reform
Interviews with health care stakeholders at Work: options for repackaging American health care. Learn More …
Innovation-Driven Health Care
A supportive, intelligent, knowledgeable analysis of the impact of innovations on the future of U.S. halth care. Learn More …
Obama, Doctors, and Health Reform
The health system, from top-down to bottom-up, as seen through the lens of cultural complexity. Learn More …

Health Reform Maze Cover

Doctor Reece's newest book, The Health Reform MAZE, provides anyone involved with health care, from physicians to patients, an easily understood reference for the new Health Care Reform Law.

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