Richard Reece, MD
was interviewed on August 3, 2009 by NOVA, a news program in the Netherlands about healthcare in the United States. While the whole video is about ten minutes long, the narrative is a reminder of the lead-up to the passage of healthcare reform in our country.

Hear It From The Source …

Richard Reece, MD is available for public appearances or to speak to your group. The following is a list of the currently most popular of his topics:

1. What Doctors Think About Reform – and How They are Likely
   To Respond
2. The Next Big Political Health Care Crisis – Access to Doctors
3. Health Reform – The Next Four Years and the Five After That
4. The Likely Impact of the November Elections
5. Women in Medicine and Out of It
6. Health Reform – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
7. The Doctor Autonomy Dilemma – Who Decides: Doctors or
8. Health Care Innovation – What Lies Ahead
9. Electronic Health Records – Boondoggle or Bonanza?

Doctor Reece has spoken to or appeared before a wide variety of groups and organizations. Here are just a few of them: the Colorado Hospital Association; Innovation Conference at Health and Human Services; Dutch Television; executive meetings of the Physicians Foundation; meetings with Executives of, America’s largest physician social services organization; meetings with Paul Grundy, MD, Director of Healthcare Transformation at I.B.M.; meetings with Pfizer health care executives and talks before numerous local service clubs. Contact him to find out how you can have him speak to your group.